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Mission-Driven Messenger

Difference Makers! Become Powerfully Persuasive, Confident, and Effective in Delivering your Motivating Message to Inspire and Connect with any Audience.

Public Speaking Program 

The Mission-Driven Messenger is an 8-week public speaking program and showcase designed to empower Difference Makers to more confidently and persuasively leverage their passion and energy to motivate meaningful action for their cause. You'll learn the art of authentically connecting with audiences, sharing your story in a compelling way, and inspiring specific progress-oriented action. You will learn to work with stage-fright or speaking anxiety, rather than let it silence you. Through the group sessions and two one-to-one coaching calls with me, you will receive personalized guidance at every step of the process -- from topic selection and speechwriting, to preparation and rehearsal, up to and even after your on-stage performance. Get the expert guidance and confidence boost to make your next speech your best speech yet!

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Hone your message to make a clear and compelling case for action in support of your mission or cause.

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Gain the confidence to be powerfully persuasive from a stage, in a boardroom, in the media, or in direct conversation.

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Understand how to connect deeply with any audience to inspire them to care about and support your mission.

What to Expect

This program will empower you to:

  • Develop a clear and compelling speech

  • Become a confident speaker in any setting

  • Connect with any audience to inspire support or action

  • Gain skills to manage your energy and nerves



  • Access to weekly online videos and training material

  • Weekly group Zoom calls for Q&A and support

  • Learn energy techniques to manage performance anxiety, enhance your creativity and confidence, and connect even more meaningfully with your audience.

  • Two 30-min 1-to-1 coaching calls with Lisa on script & delivery

  • In-person Showcase at the conclusion of the course giving all participants an opportunity to present their speeches on-stage! in front of a supportive audience, to be videoed for future outreach, and to raise money for their cause.  Net proceeds from the Powerfully Persuasive Showcase event will be donated to participating nonprofits. 

Guided by Lisa

  • Lisa Wade is a speaker, public speaking teacher and coach, communication consultant, author, podcast host, and champion of mission-driven organizations and leaders.

  • Empowering others to confidently share their mission-driven message to inspire progress is her driving passion.

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