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Inspiring insights and colorful stories to encourage others to live into their full amazingness.

Real. Big. Love. Paperback

Is making a difference wearing you out?

Do you work to make your corner of the world a better place, yet often feel overwhelmed from juggling so many responsibilities? 

Real. Big. Love. offers authentic (Real), bold and consistent (Big), and Love-based perspectives to help you shift from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to optimistic and energized while making your unique difference in the world.

By the end of the book, you will understand:
  • Why the idea of “Selfless Service” may be wearing you out and how to shift to more inspired and sustainable “Soulful Service”

  • Why your supposed “imperfections” are perfect for helping you connect with others

  • How you may be getting in your own way in service and in life (and how to cut it out)

  • The four-letter F-bombs that may eff-up your service and your life

  • How to bring greater energy, clarity, and impact to your cause and at home

  • Quick and easy Soulful Self-Care practices that can supercharge your difference-making and bring more joy, focus, and well-being into your life

As a Difference Maker, you invest your time and energy to uplift and benefit others, yet may feel guilty or selfish if you spend time on your own needs. By flipping this thinking on its head and committing to Soulful Service, service that is inspired, bold and sustainable, you can actually have more energy, enthusiasm, and passion to boost your cause and improve your life.

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If you’re ready to make a more profound, positive difference for your cause and in your life, Real. Big. Love. will light the way.

Real. Big. Offering.

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Golden Development

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Dirt Raod Divinity Book


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