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The Energy of Leadership

Each month we explore a different aspect of leadership energy.

 Weekly teaching videos and a free group energy Zoom call on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  

Purpose: to help you more effectively harness your unique leadership strengths, confidence, and joy.

Energy and Leadership go Hand-in-Hand

Intentional, high-quality energy leads to more effective, meaningful, and satisfying leadership in all areas of life.  


That said, much can get in the way to undermine and misdirect our energy, often without us even being aware of it. When you become aware of your energy, and what influences it, you can make more informed, intentional choices in your leadership and life.  


In the Energy of Leadership, we will explore a different aspect of the energy you bring to all facets of your leadership and life – personal, professional, passion-driven causes, and more. 


And, we’ll bring all of you – mind, body, heart, soul – to this energy exploration. You’ll learn practical tools and strategies to manage and enhance your energy to increase your confidence, enjoyment, and performance in all your leadership roles.

Two ways to engage:

Energy Mastery Tuesday Trainings:
Free training videos each Tuesday available

on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Monthly Energy Mastery Series Group Call:

In-depth, advanced, experiential experience. 
Via Zoom on the 4th Tuesday of each month
from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. CST,
with time for group interactions and Q&A.

What you receive in each Energy Mastery call:

  • Actionable insights with tips and tools related to each month’s topic that empower you to become an even more effective and confident leader

  • Group energy grounding, clearing, and protection exercises

  • Guided meditations tailored to draw out your inner wisdom on each topic

  • Activities to engage your body, heart, and soul, not just your mind, as you gain new insights

  • Intentional connection with your soul as the leading force of your leadership

  • Supportive community of other open-minded leaders

  • Feeling relaxed and grounded at the end of each session

  • Meaningful interaction so that your questions can be answered in real-time, and

  • So much more…

Benefits of Enrolling in the Mastery Series

  • As a thank you for investing in your Energy Leadership, you will receive a coupon for 50% off your first one-hour, personal Golden Energy Mastery Session (a $72 value). In this one-to-one call, we explore your unique needs, strengths, and opportunities regarding your leadership energy.  Along with personal insight, you will receive tools and guidance to help address your specific energy and leadership circumstances.

  • Access to the group video recordings. Perfect for when you can't make the call live.

  • Audio meditations from each group call.  

  • Notification about special pricing and first dibs on any upcoming Golden Energy Leadership events, retreats, and programs for active clients.

Energy Mastery Series Schedule

Schedule of Upcoming Energy Topics

NOVEMBER:  Your Voice as an Energetic Vehicle for Change

                          Group Call:  Tuesday, Nov. 22

DECEMBER :  Set Your Energetic Framework for Success in the New Year

                          Group Call:  Tuesday, Dec. 27

JANUARY:      Soul vs. Ego: What Energy Drives Your Leadership?

                          Group Call:  Tuesday, Jan. 24

FEBRUARY:  The Best Energy Secrets for Healthy Relationships

                          Group Call:  Tuesday, Feb. 28

MARCH:        Understand the Energetic Needs of Those You Lead 

                          Group Call:  Tuesday, Dec. 27


About Lisa

Passionate about Helping Leaders Master their Energy for Maximum Inspiration, Effectiveness, Confidence and Enjoyment in all Aspects of Life and Service

I’m driven by helping individuals and organizations harness their soul-aligned energy to live, love, and lead with greater grace, meaning, and connection.  


Helping people experience personal breakthroughs makes me giddy. There’s nothing quite like that “a-ha” moment of personal insight. Whether teaching in the college classroom, leading workshops for community leaders, or in one-to-one conversations with clients, it’s the meaningful personal breakthroughs that inspire me.  


Leading clients to new breakthroughs and then helping them incorporate the insights in actionable ways to enhance how they live, lead, and love ~ now that’s the kind of juicy stuff that makes my soul sing!  


My career has traveled a wide path from political, advocacy, and communication professional in Washington DC to nonprofit executive, community activist, and college instructor in Oklahoma.  I've advised US Senators and Representatives, national nonprofit execs, authors and film producers, and worked extensively with media around the world.  Add in entrepreneur, consultant, coach, best-selling author, podcast host, spiritual director, and energy intuitive, and you start to really get to who I am at my core.  

I began consulting 18 years ago, coaching 15 years ago, and after successfully completing the two-year, interfaith Osage Forest of Peace School for Spiritual Direction, I also began serving from my deeper, intuitive gifts. I see the world through the lens of energy and human potential, which are the underlying perspectives I now bring to all my work. Now, I live outside Houston, TX -- the energy capital of the world -- where  I'm bringing a new spin on energy leadership for difference makers. 


I can't wait to share Energy Leadership teachings with you in the monthly Energy Mastery Series. Register below or join the annual membership and elevate your leadership energy, confidence, inspiration, and effectiveness.

Two Ways to Subscribe

  • Get a 50% off coupon for your first one-hour, personal Golden Energy Mastery Session (a $72 value). 

  • Get lifetime access to video recordings. Perfect for when you can't make the lives.

  • Get special pricing and first dibs on any upcoming Golden Energy Leadership events, retreats, and programs for active clients.


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