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Golden Gifts of Grace Retreat

You Are Invited to Join in the Positive Energy

of an In-Person Retreat
February 17 -19, 2023 in Sugar Land, TX

Soul. Grace. Peace. Joy. Love. Laughter.

How does a soulful weekend away sound? 

  • A weekend where you are invited to relax, breathe deeply, and focus on experiencing greater Grace and joy.

  • A weekend steeped in laughter, positive energy, meaningful conversations, even hugs, with seven other open-minded, open-hearted people in a warm, comfortable home catering to your needs. 

  • A weekend in a place that welcomes joy, encourages forgiveness, and where gratitude and love lead the energetic way to deeper meaning and greater joy.

  • A weekend where you connect more deeply with that wise, inner part of you that yearns for more joy, peace, and meaning. 


You are invited to join me for a retreat to commune more intentionally with your soul and to welcome and gratefully receive the blessings of Divine Grace. 

Invite More Grace Into Your Life

Grace is not reserved for Sundays, Holy days, or for picking us up during hard times, it’s an all the time, everywhere experience- if we allow it to be.


The Golden Gifts of Grace Retreat is designed to reconnect you with those basic building blocks of more soul-aligned living. In a comfortable, safe environment with other open-minded, open-hearted explorers, I will help you align more deeply and fully with the very elements that make life more enjoyable, more worthwhile, and more Grace-filled. 
Views on Grace are plentiful, and sometimes inconsistent.  For the purposes of this work together, Grace is considered the flow of Divine possibility and support that is ever present and working on your behalf.  
Your opportunity is to consciously work with Grace, rather than stymie the flow of Grace in your life.
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DATES: Feb. 17 - Noon, Feb. 19, 2023
Or watch my quick video about the retreat below

Your Invitation to Greater Grace

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Four Elements of Grace

To welcome Grace in and remove the barriers to Grace’s flow, together we will focus on four gifts of Grace that each have the potential to transform and improve your life:  Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, and Joy. 


  • Gratitude ~ the energy of soulful acceptance for the gifts in your life and the energetic invitation that you are open to more.


  • Forgiveness ~ helps remove the obstacles you’ve inadvertently placed in the way of Grace, freeing you to live less burdened and more gracefully.


  • Love ~ the energy that fuels the Universe and all soulful connection, including your connection with yourself, with others, and with the Divine.


  • Joy ~ the celebration of Grace made manifest in an experience and the feeling sensation that acts as your soul’s GPS pointing the way toward living in alignment with Grace.


Together, we’ll look at the brilliant ways you can and already do invite Grace in.  While it might be tempting, we won’t focus exclusively on the bright and shiny, feel-good sides of these gifts; we’ll learn and grow through contrast.  We will explore the ways, conscious or not, that you actually push Grace away.  With this awareness, you’ll shift from creating obstacles to becoming a conduit for more Grace-filled living. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Four Golden Gifts of Grace that will be the focus of the retreat.

Like Soothing Balm for Your Soul

Do any of these feel familiar to you?

  • The dramas and traumas of the last couple of years have felt like a wet blanket on your spirit. (This retreat will help you shake off the heavy and breathe more freely again.)


  • Your spiritual journey feels a bit flat lately and you’re eager to re-energize your connection with the Divine. (Connecting to Grace, yourself, and each other will take center stage during the weekend.)


  • You’re longing for meaningful, in-person interaction that will warm your heart and feed your soul. (This retreat will connect you with others who need the same.)


  • You’ve been so focused on surfing the quantum waves that you’ve lost sight of the fundamental building blocks of more spiritual living.  (This is absolutely the weekend for you to revisit the basics and have fun doing it.)


  • Life feels heavy, sometimes overwhelming, and right now you can’t even remember what you were once passionate about. (This retreat will help you lighten the load, get unstuck, and gain clarity so you can move forward more gracefully.)


  • You’ve been harboring resentments, guilt, shame, a sense of betrayal, or other emotional baggage that no longer serve you. (This retreat will offer the support and guidance to help you free yourself from the weight of disappointment in others, the Divine, and yourself.) 


  • Things just feel hard, unnecessarily so, and life seems to be working against you, rather than for you. (This retreat will help you shift your perspective to recognize the currently invisible miracles all around you, and to invite more of them in.) 


  • You’ve forgotten what joy feels like. The word almost seems absurd. (By the end of this weekend, you’ll remember. I promise!)


  • You desire to be a conduit of Grace in this world and want to join with others to make the world a brighter, more Grace- and Love-filled place. (SO THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU!)

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Embrace the Gifts of Grace

We are all in different places in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. This retreat will honor those differences, building upon our unique experiences, personally and as a group, to invite more Grace into our daily lives.

You deserve to be free of life’s heaviness that may be weighing you down. You deserve meaningful connection and deep learning. You deserve a weekend of shared exploration, support, and laughter, peace and joy.
Whether you want to kickstart your spiritual journey, or you’re ready to get really grounded in the basics of Grace-filled living, this retreat is for you.  
You deserve all the golden gifts Grace has to offer.  
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I am extremely grateful that I got to be one of the participants of your recent Golden Gifts of Grace Retreat. You are an amazing group leader, which enables everyone to be open, honest, and to speak from their hearts. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated each other, we feasted (many times), we played, we swam, we just had a wonderful time all 3 days. We gained knowledge about Mother Earth and ourselves, along with learning so much about Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, and Joy.

You are truly a blessing to all, and I appreciate that you are willing to share your knowledge and life experiences with others. I look forward to participating in future retreats you host. God bless you always.


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Retreat Testimonials

What You'll Go Home With

  • To support your personal  transformation, you will receive a combination of both in-person group and online personal support.  Prior to the workshop, you will have a 30 minute personal session and one group Zoom call.  After the retreat, we will have another hour-long personal session to help you integrate the Grace you receive.

  • The program includes the in-person retreat, You’ll travel home with FAR LESS Grace-stopping energetic and emotional baggage. We will identify, work with, and clear the guilt, shame, resentment, and fear that prevent you from experiencing greater joy. 


  • Energy tools to help you stay aligned with your soul and consciously tapped into the flow of Grace.


  • Discernment to identify whether Soul or Ego are driving your decisions, and clarity on how to choose between them.  


  • An actionable approach to intentionally experience more Grace in your life through your focus on Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, and Joy.  You won’t just take home a journal full of theory, we will be making these concepts practical in YOUR personal and professional life.

  •  An implementable formula for Graceful Co-Creation so you can regularly work with Grace to live and create in a more soul-aligned way.


  • Less stress.  Let yourself be pampered for a few days. Stress is anti-Grace.  We’ll learn techniques to stop fixating on that which we can’t control, the freedom in the soul-aligned “No,” and how breathing – inspiration – is a soul connector.


  • More friends.  This isn’t a small-talk kind of retreat.  We’ll grow together through sharing, vulnerability, and fun.  In my experience, this is the stuff new friendships are made of.  


  • Greater clarity on what makes your soul sing, and what muzzles it.  A singing soul is like a muse for Grace.  Let’s learn how to sing your unique soul tune and dance with Grace.


  • Fun little gifts from me in gratitude for your participation and to help you remember and integrate what you’ve learned. 


  • Memories of laughter, fun, and meaningful insight that can enhance your life in Grace-filled ways.


  • Satisfaction of knowing that 10% of the proceeds from the retreat will directly benefit a local charity that we will choose together.  Together we will begin to pay Grace forward.

Or keep reading to learn more about me and why I LOVE facilitating retreats.
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Hey y'all, I'm Lisa, a Catalyst for Soulful Transformation.

I’m driven by helping individuals and organizations harness their soul-aligned energy to live, love, and lead with greater grace, meaning, and connection.  


Helping people experience personal breakthroughs makes me giddy. There’s nothing quite like that “a-ha” moment of personal insight that is meaningful. Whether teaching in the college classroom, leading workshops for community leaders, or in one-to-one conversations with clients, it’s the meaningful personal breakthroughs that inspire me.  


Leading clients to new breakthroughs and then helping them incorporate the insights in actionable ways to enhance how they live, lead, and love ~ now that’s the kind of juicy stuff that makes my soul sing!  


My career has traveled a wide path from political, advocacy, and communication professional in Washington DC to nonprofit executive, community activist, and college instructor in Oklahoma.  Add in entrepreneur, consultant, coach, best-selling author, podcast host, spiritual director, and energy alchemist, and you start to really get to who I am at my core.  


I began consulting 18 years ago, coaching 15 years ago, and after successfully completing the two-year, interfaith Osage Forest of Peace School for Spiritual Direction, I also began serving from my deeper, intuitive gifts. I see the world through the lens of spiritual energy and human potential, which are the underlying perspectives I now bring to all my work. 

My Promise To You

I promise to honor you where you are and the uniqueness of your personal journey.  Together, we will work with your personal energy and the insights of your soul to build more meaningful, enjoyable experiences and success in life, relationships, and professional pursuits.  


On the more personal side, I’m a nature enthusiast and love any time spent on the river or watching the sunrise or set from a mountain top. I’m crazy about big, fluffy dogs and driving my old, no-frills Jeep. After decades of failed relationships and lots of personal spiritual work, I’m now completely smitten and genuinely happy with an incredible man who groks me and encourages me at a soul level. For me, nothing could be sweeter. You’ll get to meet him at the retreat, too!


Life is as good as we let it be. Let’s work together to invite greater Grace and joy into your life.

Questions? Let's Chat

If you have any questions at all about the retreat, or about me and my approach to this work, LET'S CHAT.  Use the link below to connect to my calendar and let's book a time to talk.  No pressure and no hard sales pitch; that is SO not my style.  But I would love to talk with you about the benefits of opening yourself, and your life, up to more Grace.

Keep reading for Accommodation details
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Retreat Accommodations & Details

The Golden Gifts of Grace retreat will take place at my home in Sugar Land, TX.  When we recently bought this home, we were already envisioning personal development retreats in this airy, light, open, and comfortable space. Nothing fussy or ornate, but it’s the kind of place that invites you to relax and open yourself to greater possibilities.  


The retreat is limited to 6 participants to ensure everyone has space to be comfortable.  The retreat investment includes on-site lodging in our home.  If you prefer to stay in a nearby hotel, we have plenty of local options and will gladly share information.  


All meals, from the Thursday evening reception through Sunday morning brunch, and all snacks and drinks in between, will be provided. A mix of homemade and catered options will satisfy a range of nutritional needs, from vegetarian to paleo, including dairy, nut, and gluten-free options.  Let us know if you have specific dietary needs and we will do our best to  accommodate.

In addition to time spent learning, there’ll be free time to enjoy the sparkling backyard pool or stroll along the wooded walking paths in the beautiful neighborhood. Oh, and be ready for a surprise outing with a taste of Texas flair and fun memory-making.

You get here and then you don’t have to worry about a thing! You get to breathe in peace and let more joy sneak its way into your life while everything’s taken care of for you. 

Getting Here

Sugar Land is a fun, vibrant city about 24 miles southwest of Houston, TX. 


If you’re flying: 

The retreat is 25 miles from the Houston Hobby airport. Hobby is a Southwest Airlines hub and flights are often quite cheap.  Also, United Airlines has a hub at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, 45 miles away.  We’ll let you know of solo or shared ground transportation opportunities when we know your travel plans.  


If you are driving:

We have plenty of available parking and will send you the address and directions to make the trip as simple as possible. 

Or keep reading for pricing details.
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Your Graceful Investment

The Golden Gifts of Grace retreat investment is $1,250 to usher in greater peace, joy, love, and gratitude. This amount covers tuition, all workshop materials, accommodations Thursday night through mid-day, and all food and beverages while at the house and during our surprise fun outing.


Space is limited to 6 participants. Purchase a ticket to reserve your spot.   

EARLY BIRD PRICING:  $999 - in full
Save $251 when you book and pay in-full by Oct. 23, 2022.


DEPOSIT OPTION: $300 deposit

Use Code DEPOSIT to pay $300 deposit today to reserve your spot, with the remainder 0f $950 due by Nov. 1, 2022.

(Remainder will be sent via invoice)

Cancellation Policy: We understand that life happens. And, we know that when you are ready to grow in a big way, life has a way of throwing even bigger curveballs to knock you off your game. Please make a commitment to yourself for this weekend. If it becomes impossible to attend, your full deposit or payment will be refunded (less a 5% administrative charge) if the written request is made by Oct. 30, 2022. If the written request is received after Oct. 30, 2022, 50% of the total paid price will be refunded. 

Still not Certain?

Not a problem! Even over the phone, I can quickly show you how focusing on Grace from a place of positive, empowering energy will make you feel happier, more connected, and more hopeful. Click below to book your call, I would love to clarify any lingering questions or concerns for you.

Or Contact Me Below

Thanks for reaching out!

I will be in touch soon.


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